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New Partnership Announcement – Culture Counts!

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Swan Festival of Lights 2017

Image: Swan Festival of Lights 2017 – Photo by Monica Defendi

We are excited to announce a partnership that’s giving us a new understanding of how visitors are impacted by their experiences.

Culture Counts is a cloud-based software platform that captures feedback about visitor experiences. The responses can be used to evaluate the intrinsic impact of events and places in a simple and cost-effective way.

Alongside the easy-to-use platform, Culture Counts provides expert consulting and reporting services to assist organisations to interpret and use the data effectively. This includes aligning the metrics with organisations’ strategic plans, to measure and understand the extent to which their key objectives are being achieved.

When combined with Trendwise visitor analytics, the ability to understand visitor behaviour and the resulting outcomes for individuals and communities is incredibly powerful. The two data sources can be used together to draw deep insights into the effect of places, programs and services; providing evidence of where best to focus limited resources to achieve maximum results.

Together Culture Counts and Trendwise provided data and insights to the City of Perth for the Swan Festival of Lights 2017. The festival celebrated Deepavali with vegetarian food and drink, dance, music, workshops, arts and crafts. Visitation statistics were also captured in the weeks prior and following, in order to isolate the specific impact of the event.

Key insights identified by Trendwise were:

  • Peak day: Saturday
  • Peak time: 7pm
  • Average dwell time: 43 mins
  • Engaged dwell time (visits over 15 minutes): 76 mins
  • Repeat visitors (visited on all 3 days): 289
  • Cross-event visitors: 139 also attended City of Perth event Targa West

Culture Counts also surveyed 316 visitors, collecting data on spending associated with the festival and the social and cultural outcomes generated. Combining expenditure data from surveys with visitor numbers from sensors showed the strong economic impact of the festival, along with very positive results for:

  • Belonging It helped me feel part of a community
  • Diversity It engaged people from different backgrounds
  • Cultural Contribution It provides an important addition to the cultural life of the area
  • Participation It encouraged me to participate in community activities

The ability to evaluate key social and cultural objectives that would otherwise be intangible helps the City of Perth to demonstrate where impact is greatest, identify areas for improvement and report to stakeholders in a much simpler and more successful way.

For more information, please contact:

Brent Pearce
+61 427 861 533

2.3 Million People Tune into Trendwise CEO in China

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Smarter Cities and Retail analytics leader, Clinton House, presented the company’s real-world behavioural data platform to a capacity audience at the opening ceremony of the 2017 ‘Startup in Shanghai’ International Innovation Startup Competition this week. The event was held at Shanghai Science & Technology Museum with distinguished Government officials in attendance, including Municipal Science and Technology Commission Director Shou Ziqi.

The Trendwise CEO was invited to present in front of a panel of expert judges including China’s leading venture capital firms and gained wide scale media exposure including being featured on the evening television news.

“It is an extraordinary honour for Trendwise to be selected to help launch this important event, given that almost 9000 companies across 16 districts of Shanghai have so far enrolled in the competition” said Mr House.

Mr House’s post-presentation interview was viewed by a live online audience of over 2.3 million people across mainland China. The competition is organised by the Shanghai Commission of Science & Technology and supported by Shanghai Municipal Government.

‘Trendwise’ is the visitor behaviour analytics platform utilising existing wireless infrastructure and low-cost smart sensors to translate real-world data into readable optimisation insights for business and smarter cities.


Trendwise observes 110,000 visitors at PIAF opening weekend

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IMG_1626By Ajay Jones

Kings Park and Botanic Gardens came alive this weekend with the spectacular Perth International Arts Festival opening event Boorna Waanginy: The Trees Speak, attracting large crowds.

The show of light, sound and imagery in which the trees came to life provided a spectacular 45-minute walk through experience for visitors, highlighting the diversity of the six seasons of Western Australia’s South.

Trendwise observed 110,000 visitors taking in the journey, as well as the iconic city views presented along Fraser Avenue at Kings Park, known as the world’s largest inner-city park and biggest display of Western Australia Fauna.

Between 8:30pm and 9:30pm proved to be the most popular time to visit the park throughout the weekend.

The state of the art technology allowed visitors to “Explore knowledge systems from both Western and Noongar perspectives and learn how Western science is increasingly informed by Noongar ‘creation’ stories and understanding of the land.”

Trendwise deployed a number of proprietary IoT sensors in exclusive locations throughout the 1.2km journey to deliver PIAF highly contextual, visitor behaviour analytics.

The attendance numbers were presented to PIAF at the commencement of each night.

Over 12,000 visitors braved the weather on the Friday night to take in the amazing scenes, with Saturday and Sunday night doubling in the amount of visitors attending.

Trendwise technology passively monitors the anonymous, unique signals and locations of devices, as they search for or connect to known networks. The sensor then securely encrypts this information before sending it to the Trendwise cloud platform for processing.

This allows Trendwise to provide clients and in this case PIAF with previously unknown information around attendance numbers, how long a visitor stayed for, if that visitor returned, peak times and much more.

This data will be provided to PIAF in a detailed custom report.

IMG_5591Directed by Nigel Jamison, and developed in collaboration with a number of the regions Noongar people alongside botanists, scientists, community groups and school children, the 1 million dollar installation comprised of 30 tonnes of equipment, 270 light fixtures and 117 speakers.

Every year PIAF puts on a grand opening weekend, just like the outstanding ‘The Giants’, which captivated Western Australia’s in 2015.

By partnering with Trendwise, PIAF was able to gather accurate baseline data around attendance numbers that can now be utilised year-on-year.

The Perth International Arts Festival runs until the 5th March 2017.

For any media enquires please contact Ajay Jones on

Trendwise takes part in the Unitingcare West Food Rescue

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The Trendwise team has leaped into the Christmas spirit by taking part in the UnitingCare West Food Rescue Cargo Cart Project.

On Friday 2nd December, Clinton, Brent, Ajay and Caitie gave up their afternoon to help people in need, including the homeless, women and children in crisis, vulnerable young people, indigenous communities and elderly people.

15219662_10154238210922857_5571095894063831418_n“Food Rescue is a UnitingCare West program feeding disadvantaged people in Western Australia. It aims to alleviate hunger by rescuing perishable, fresh and nutritious food from cafes, caterers, supermarkets and wholesalers and delivering it to disadvantaged, vulnerable people.”

The afternoon involved the team looking fabulous and getting noticed with their red ‘food rescue volunteer’ vests on and taking turns in pushing the cargo cart around to each café.

As it was a Friday afternoon and most cafes close down over the weekend, the team received an abundance of food, continually filling up the cart after just one or two cafes.

Several ‘pit stops’ had to be made over the course of 3 hours to drop of the chockablock carts full of fresh food so the team could continue collecting.

15193434_10154238210927857_815277254058101749_n“The most enjoyable part of volunteering with Food Rescue for me was the feeling I received knowing that the team and I were doing something so meaningful to help out the less fortunate,” said Caitie.

“The little bit of time we gave out of our days allowed us to explore our beautiful city, meet cafe owners who were so giving and most of all make a few people’s Friday that little bit better.”

The collected food gets re-distributed through several helping charities, including The Salvation Army, St Bartholomew’s House, the Shopfront in Maylands, RUAH and UnitingCare West’s Tranby Day Centre and Family Foundations Service.

This Perth CBD initiative takes place Monday to Friday and runs all year round with over 650 items per week being rescued by the cargo carts.

Food Rescue relies on the support of public donations, corporate funding and the dedication of volunteers.

If you would like to get involved in the UnitingCare West Food Rescue, visit their website or give them a call on 9277 8851.

For any media enquires, contact Ajay on

Trendwise by Inhouse Group featured on state government innovation website: An exciting investment opportunity.

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By Ajay Jones

Looking to invest in Western Australia’s exciting innovation community?

Trendwise has been lucky enough to be part of the selection of pitches and opportunities included on the state government, innovation worth sharing website.

Clinton House, Founder and CEO of Inhouse group and the Trendwise solution, appears in an interview where he goes into detail about the benefits and features of the innovative platform he created in 2009.

“We are very good at recognising problems,” said Clinton.

“Trendwise is an intuitive analytics platform, built to take in data from a whole range of different sets to really create that industry specific value.”

One example is a shopping centre client who changed their opening hours.

Trendwise data enabled this client to understand that they actually had more people walking past in the hour before they’re open, than the first two hours that they were open.

“I get addicted to the feeling that they get when they see this,” said Clinton.

Trendwise is currently growing throughout a number of countries all around the world.

“We really need more international partners that we can partner with and leverage the relationships they already have in Government and retail,” said Clinton.

“We see our product as something they can sell alongside their own.”

We currently have some great relationships in Singapore, with the potential for Singapore to be a base for surrounding Asia pacific countries.

In the next 2 years we see ourselves having captured what we call ‘Widecast data’.

Leveraging more of the infrastructure relationships with infrastructure partners will enable us to understand what is happening around an entire precinct, or an entire city and in turn an entire country.

How do we take Widecast into different countries?

“It is not going to be by ourselves, it’s going to be with partners,” said Clinton.

To view the state government of Western Australia’s Innovation worth sharing website, click here.

For further information, contact Greg Riebe on