New Partnership Announcement – Culture Counts!

By March 7, 2018Trendwise News
Swan Festival of Lights 2017

Image: Swan Festival of Lights 2017 – Photo by Monica Defendi

We are excited to announce a partnership that’s giving us a new understanding of how visitors are impacted by their experiences.

Culture Counts is a cloud-based software platform that captures feedback about visitor experiences. The responses can be used to evaluate the intrinsic impact of events and places in a simple and cost-effective way.

Alongside the easy-to-use platform, Culture Counts provides expert consulting and reporting services to assist organisations to interpret and use the data effectively. This includes aligning the metrics with organisations’ strategic plans, to measure and understand the extent to which their key objectives are being achieved.

When combined with Trendwise visitor analytics, the ability to understand visitor behaviour and the resulting outcomes for individuals and communities is incredibly powerful. The two data sources can be used together to draw deep insights into the effect of places, programs and services; providing evidence of where best to focus limited resources to achieve maximum results.

Together Culture Counts and Trendwise provided data and insights to the City of Perth for the Swan Festival of Lights 2017. The festival celebrated Deepavali with vegetarian food and drink, dance, music, workshops, arts and crafts. Visitation statistics were also captured in the weeks prior and following, in order to isolate the specific impact of the event.

Key insights identified by Trendwise were:

  • Peak day: Saturday
  • Peak time: 7pm
  • Average dwell time: 43 mins
  • Engaged dwell time (visits over 15 minutes): 76 mins
  • Repeat visitors (visited on all 3 days): 289
  • Cross-event visitors: 139 also attended City of Perth event Targa West

Culture Counts also surveyed 316 visitors, collecting data on spending associated with the festival and the social and cultural outcomes generated. Combining expenditure data from surveys with visitor numbers from sensors showed the strong economic impact of the festival, along with very positive results for:

  • Belonging It helped me feel part of a community
  • Diversity It engaged people from different backgrounds
  • Cultural Contribution It provides an important addition to the cultural life of the area
  • Participation It encouraged me to participate in community activities

The ability to evaluate key social and cultural objectives that would otherwise be intangible helps the City of Perth to demonstrate where impact is greatest, identify areas for improvement and report to stakeholders in a much simpler and more successful way.

For more information, please contact:

Brent Pearce
+61 427 861 533