Place Making

Government, Space Utilisation, Parking, Universities, Way Finding

Trendwise can determine if particular projects are successful in attracting new visitors to a public space. The percentage of pedestrian traffic from the park to near by cafes and retail stores can be determined through Trendwise path and zone analysis.


  • Inform town planning with accurate data on visitation, dwell time, loyalty and engagement.
  • Identify trends in the ways visitors interact with public spaces by time, day and season.
  • Encourage repeat visitation and boost space utilisation with effective and engaging city centres.


Case Study Example

The City of Mandurah is using Trendwise technology to assess the impact of economic development initiatives, marketing activities and community events on driving visitation to the city.
During 2014, Trendwise measured the performance of the City’s marketing and economic strategies, which enabled it to increase visitation by an astounding 250%, including an 88% uptick in repeat visits.

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