Display homes, Sports Stadiums, Offices, Hotels, Museums, Casinos

Trendwise equips data-driven property owners and managers with the tools to understand and leverage visitor behaviour at their locations.


  • Benchmark tenant performance and optimise tenant mix.
  • Identify visitor congestion around amenities.
  • Inform asset management, leasing decisions and layout to maximise foot traffic and engagement.
  • ITrack the performance of marketing and advertising initiatives designed to increase visitation.
  • Encourage better traffic flow and visitor engagement.
  • Evaluate and optimise activities, events and vendor performance.


Case Study Example

An Australian oil and gas company engaged Trendwise to identify how their office space is currently being utilised by employees. That data will be used to inform planning for their office relocation and interior architecture restructure in 2018.

Trendwise will analyse employee collaboration and room utilisation to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement.

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