Convenience, Boutiques, Big Box, Chains, Supermarkets, Shopping Centres, Car Yards

Trendwise retail analytics gives you the complete picture of your retail customer movements. Where do people come from and where they go after visiting. How often do they return and how long to do they dwell for.


  • Measure marketing Return on Investment
  • Understand customer source and destination behaviour before and after visiting your store
  • Reimagine wasted space and streamline layout to promote traffic flow and increase sales.
  • Isolate which marketing campaigns offer the best ROI with accurate information on related changes to visitation, dwell time and loyalty.
  • Identify potential to attract visitors with a constantly updating snapshot of activity in the area surrounding your centre.

Case Study Example

A major shopping centre used Trendwise to measure centre performance, space utilisation and investigate means to attract visitors.

Trendwise identified that the centre’s peak time for visitation was as the centre was closing, with people visiting after they finished work at around 5pm. Trendwise path analysis also identified bottlenecks and underutilised areas, as well as congestion around ATMs.

Upon recommendation, the centre relocated two ATMs to underutilised areas, encouraging traffic flow to nearby retailers. The centre also pushed back its closing time by an hour, increasing total sales by 5% as a result.