Trendwise™ is a visitor analytics tool that is designed to help understand and improve everyday visitor experiences. It has been created with privacy in mind, and has been designed to protect visitor data. Trendwise™ is never used to collect personal information, identify individuals, or collect data against the will of an individual.

  • Trendwise™ data is always depersonalised, de-identified and aggregated to ensure total protection of visitor privacy.
  • Trendwise™ never records, sells or provides device-specific data to any party for any reason.

How does Trendwise™ work?

Trendwise™ works by passively collecting data relating to visitor movements within a particular area. This data includes information on visitor location, paths, dwell time and return rates. Trendwise™ does not at any point collect personal information about visitors in any form, and does not ever request or store information that could be used to determine individual visitor identities.

How is Trendwise™ data collected?

Trendwise™ data is passively collected using a wide variety of sources in order to provide accurate metrics to its users. These sources include passively recording the MAC addresses present in a particular area over a particular time. A MAC address is the unique identifier used by electronic devices that enables them to connect to the Internet. MAC addresses are used for both WiFi and Bluetooth connections. ‘Passive collection’ means that Trendwise™ does not solicit signals from any device, but merely captures signals that are already active. Trendwise™ data is depersonalised and de-identified at the point of collection. All MAC addresses collected are hashed immediately, which removes any unique identifying information present. This means that the original MAC address never reaches the Trendwise™ servers, and is therefore never stored.  This process is permanent, which means that Trendwise™ cannot at any point re-identify this data.

This depersonalised and de-identified data is then aggregated, which removes the ability to access individual data streams and ensures that data can only be accessed as a whole.

What happens to Trendwise™ data once it has been collected?

Once data has been collected, it is processed by Trendwise™, which reports on usage statistics, trends and patterns identified in the aggregated data.

Trendwise™ has been designed to process data sets as a whole, and therefore cannot ever be used to access data relating to individuals- the software simply doesn’t work that way, and never will. Once the data has been processed, it is then shared with Trendwise™ clients and partners. The data provided to Trendwise™ clients is only ever in aggregated form, and cannot be decoded or re-identified at any point by Trendwise™ clients or partners. Trendwise™ data visualisations assist clients and partners in making more informed decisions based on this visitor intelligence, not limited to marketing, investments, customer engagement and new initiatives. Depersonalised and aggregated data is also used by Trendwise™ in order to improve software calibration.

In the event that law enforcement agencies require access to Trendwise™ data, this will be provided subject to the request being mandated by law. This is the only circumstance under which Trendwise™ data could be accessed by third parties not bound by an Trendwise™ contractual agreement.

How is Trendwise™ data stored?

All Trendwise™ data is stored on secure cloud servers, which are protected by additional firewalls and security protocols. The servers are also regularly monitored and updated to ensure the highest level of security is maintained at all times. Depersonalised and aggregated data is stored at the request of Trendwise™ clients and partners, and is retained for the duration of the contract.

All Trendwise™ servers are in full compliance with Australian Privacy Principles as defined in the Privacy Act 1988, as well as the MLA Code of Conduct. Trendwise™ data collected within Australia is never used overseas, and is never disclosed to any overseas parties.

How can I opt out of Trendwise™?

Trendwise™ takes privacy very seriously, and never collects or stores data against the will of an individual. Opting out of Trendwise™ will delete all data related to your MAC addresses. This also means that MAC addresses used by your devices will not be detected by Trendwise™ in future, and therefore cannot be recorded or analysed.

If you are unsure of anything relating to the Trendwise™ Privacy Policy or you are concerned about a breach of the Privacy Act 1988, please contact us. Any concerns received will be investigated internally, and will be addressed in a free and open manner. If you wish to make a complaint under the Privacy Act 1988, please contact the OAIC here.

Accessing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth MAC addresses on iOS devices:

To access the MAC address of your iPhone, select Settings → General → About. Your Bluetooth and WiFi MAC addresses are listed under ‘WiFi Address’ and ‘Bluetooth’.

Accessing Wi-Fi MAC addresses on Android devices:

To access the MAC address of your Android device, select Settings → Wireless & Network → WiFi Settings → Advanced. Your MAC address is listed under ‘MAC Address’.