Trendwise Inks Global Distribution Deal

Hot on the heels of their successful three month residence in China, backed by Austrade and the National Innovation and Science Agenda, real-world data analytics company ‘Trendwise®’ today announce that a strategic alliance has been formalised with international Wi-Fi marketing platform ‘MobiPromo®’.

MobiPromo is the proprietary, Wi-Fi marketing and monetisation platform that provides the most advanced and comprehensive range of in-session advertising of any Wi-Fi marketing system available. Their clients include global media agencies, municipalities, airports and telecommunication companies.

Trendwise’s consumer behaviour monitoring technology provides asset operators with a revolutionary and highly disruptive way to optimise their business and increase margins, thanks to this new source of live, relevant, real-world data.

“Data analytics will continue to grow fast and form a crucial part of our offering, and we are very excited to have found the right partner. Trendwise understands the sector like no other, which opens up new opportunities to extract enormous value from our expanding coverage” said MobiPromo COO Johannes Lind.

MobiPromo owns and operates over 50,000 best-in-class hardware access points across more than 60 countries, and has eight offices globally, including Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Atlanta. This global footprint provides Trendwise with the network to efficiently scale its behavioural analytics platform, and enables MobiPromo to increase market differentiation and add additional value for its already impressive and growing list of Fortune 500 clients.

“This Trendwise and MobiPromo partnership unlocks previously unrealised capabilities for our two systems to integrate. It’s an extremely compelling combination of widecast observation points capturing offline behaviour for Trendwise to analyse, interpret and offer to global markets including out-of-home advertisers, retail and smart cities” said Trendwise CEO, Clinton House.

Subscriptions to Trendwise widecast data will be sold through MobiPromo’s network by precinct, with varying options of granularity and customisation. Anonymous, passive Trendwise data will also enrich in-session advertising, providing a more contextual experience for users of the MobiPromo Wi-Fi platform.

Hong Kong is the first market to enjoy the benefits of this alliance, where advanced discussions are already underway with one of the region’s largest out-of-home advertising corporations.

For further information, please contact:

Brent Pearce
Global Sales Director – Trendwise
+61 427 861 533