Trendwise observes 110,000 visitors at PIAF opening weekend

By February 14, 2017Trendwise News

IMG_1626By Ajay Jones

Kings Park and Botanic Gardens came alive this weekend with the spectacular Perth International Arts Festival opening event Boorna Waanginy: The Trees Speak, attracting large crowds.

The show of light, sound and imagery in which the trees came to life provided a spectacular 45-minute walk through experience for visitors, highlighting the diversity of the six seasons of Western Australia’s South.

Trendwise observed 110,000 visitors taking in the journey, as well as the iconic city views presented along Fraser Avenue at Kings Park, known as the world’s largest inner-city park and biggest display of Western Australia Fauna.

Between 8:30pm and 9:30pm proved to be the most popular time to visit the park throughout the weekend.

The state of the art technology allowed visitors to “Explore knowledge systems from both Western and Noongar perspectives and learn how Western science is increasingly informed by Noongar ‘creation’ stories and understanding of the land.”

Trendwise deployed a number of proprietary IoT sensors in exclusive locations throughout the 1.2km journey to deliver PIAF highly contextual, visitor behaviour analytics.

The attendance numbers were presented to PIAF at the commencement of each night.

Over 12,000 visitors braved the weather on the Friday night to take in the amazing scenes, with Saturday and Sunday night doubling in the amount of visitors attending.

Trendwise technology passively monitors the anonymous, unique signals and locations of devices, as they search for or connect to known networks. The sensor then securely encrypts this information before sending it to the Trendwise cloud platform for processing.

This allows Trendwise to provide clients and in this case PIAF with previously unknown information around attendance numbers, how long a visitor stayed for, if that visitor returned, peak times and much more.

This data will be provided to PIAF in a detailed custom report.

IMG_5591Directed by Nigel Jamison, and developed in collaboration with a number of the regions Noongar people alongside botanists, scientists, community groups and school children, the 1 million dollar installation comprised of 30 tonnes of equipment, 270 light fixtures and 117 speakers.

Every year PIAF puts on a grand opening weekend, just like the outstanding ‘The Giants’, which captivated Western Australia’s in 2015.

By partnering with Trendwise, PIAF was able to gather accurate baseline data around attendance numbers that can now be utilised year-on-year.

The Perth International Arts Festival runs until the 5th March 2017.

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